Meet your Licensed Massage Therapists (LMT)

  It's always nice to have a face with a name when booking your massage appointments.           

Please meet our therapists who look forward to working with you, to improve your stress and overall massage wellness.




Melissa Zayas-Tallman,LMT

Melissa graduated from the Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage in 2004. Opening her own private practice in 2005, Escape Away Massage, PLLC, now currently employs several LMT’s. Melissa’s approach with her massages is an integrated one, with a specific muscular approach of following the muscles from origin to insertion. She is certified in Mother Massage, Spa Treatments & Bamboo-fusion, while continuing to earn her certification in Orthopedic & Myofascial work. “Allowing the client to relax, while educating them on the importance of postural awareness, brings balance back to the body.”

In 2005, Melissa co-founded the Mohawk Valley Licensed Massage Therapy Network. The non-profit group was  born and grew to be a place where LMT’s could gather and discuss issues ranging from marketing questions, client retention, pathologies of clients along with non-competitive format of seeking out other LMT’s to exchange ideas & services.

Giving back to her local community, Melissa finds it not only necessary but rewarding to be involved in several charities & organizations, such as the United Way, The House of Good Shepard, & Kids Oneida to name a few.

Melissa believes that not only should there be a balance within your body between the short, tight muscles and the weak, overused muscles but also within your own life. While not massaging, Melissa enjoys her free time raising two young boys with her husband. 





Kurt Pflanz, LMT, PTA

 Kurt is a delightful soul who brings joy to all he encounters.  Vastly educated and professional he exceeds the standard by just his presence alone.  His sought after talents are kept discreet due to limited hours of availability.   Small dosages are only recommended simply because of the awe of his raw nature.  Some say the he is the “fifth element” but he humbly scuffs at the notion, simply surmising himself as “Angelic”.  Jokes of Chuck Norris wither in peril when in comparison to his impressive composition.  Intelligent…..  Genius is more the adjective.  Let his hands meld you into divinity at Escape Away Massage….

Kurt is one of a kind, but truly brings a wonderful mix of massage techniques & knowledge to every client. He gives an amazing relaxation massage, but his passion is more aimed on the orthopedic side.  



 Adrienne Young, LMT

Adrienne received her New York State massage therapy license in 2010 from the Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage, and was Salutatorian of her class. 

"The human body is amazing and complex. To promote and achieve positive lasting change to clients through massage therapy is very rewarding." Adrienne likes to integrate orthopedic techniques she has studied from several of the continuing education classes she has taken into her sessions. She also likes hot stone massage for those looking for pure relaxation. In her free time she enjoys the outdoors and participating in obstacle course races.